"I am still overwhelmed by the performance I saw last Friday of Terrence McNally's MASTER CLASS. Andrea Gregori absolutely nailed Maria Callas. Not only did she look a lot like her, but her mannerisms and the cadence of her voice were so much like those of Callas that sometimes it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I am delighted that she allowed herself to really delve into the psyche of this woman, whom she never met. It is definitely a personal and professional triumph for her. I hope that this is a role that she will have the opportunity to do many times, so more people can see it. What a wonderful performance! I was truly blessed to have been there."
(Cynthia Clarey, Callas Master Class Student 1971-72, International Opera Singer, Professor of Voice, Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL)

"I saw one of the most fantastic works of art, I have seen in a long, long time. The beautiful Andrea Gregori channeled Maria Callas in a production of "Master Class" that was performed in the Roberson Mansion, last night. I am actually quite speechless because the show was so breathtaking. Bravo to director, James Osborne, for a fabulous production with an incredible cast. Powerful and amazing performances from Pej Reitz, Jana Kucera, Joe Brainard, Kathleen Jasinskas, and Matt Ryan."  (Kate Murray, 1st VP Broome-Tioga Federation of Labor, Binghamton, NY)

"Positively brilliant performance by Andrea Gregori. Congratulations to Half Light Theatre! I want to take this opportunity to tell you again how mesmerizing you were as Maria Callas. Your performance was unforgettable. I look forward to seeing you grace Roberson on every possible occasion." (Terry McDonald, Executive Director, Roberson Museum, Binghamton, NY)

"Andrea Gregori was magical...she proved she was a force to be reckoned with." (Tony Villecco, Broome Arts Mirror)

 "Your Sunday Fringe Festival performance of 'Glitter & Gold: Operatic Jewels of the Gilded Age' was perfectly themed for the Festival. I heard dozens of positive comments about the performance and how delightful it was." (Rich Wiley, Director, International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival)

"As dinner concluded we prepared for another T.H.S. first. We were entertained by Theater Street Productions featuring new T.H.S. member Andrea Gregori with Timothy LeFebvre, Steven Nanni, Kasey Stewart and Margaret Reitz, pianist. They sang a medley of opera, White Star Line and musical scores. I have to say this was one of the most moving entertainment experiences I have ever had in my life. It was the closest I have ever been to that level of musical talent. Often times, people such as myself are relegated to the 150th row of Boston's Wang Center for the Performing Arts. Being just several feet from such gifted artists, was beyond description and is already a treasured memory. No words here can truly recreate the sounds of those voices or the emotion they evoked. It was simply...a magical hour and a half." (Titanic Historical Society) 

"Thank you for your musical feast. Congratulations on a wonderful performance here at Beechwood this past Sunday! Thank you all for sharing your talents and passions with the Foundation and community. I hope you enjoyed performing in Newport again and hope a third opportunity will present itself. Perhaps a joint production "Gilbert & Sullivan Festival" could be in the cosmos. Well done at "Glitter & Gold" again, Andrea. It was a delight working with you and I would certainly not hesitate in collaborating with Theatre Street Productions again. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and received glowing comments from the audience. Best of luck to you all!"  (Astor's Beechwood)

"Your performance was wonderful and the audience just loved it!" (Ventfort Hall)

"I enjoyed your wonderful performance and heard a number of accolades from the people who attended." (Jane Pickens Theatre)

"What a wonderful evening of music you gave everyone - thank you! You make it look so easy, Andrea! I knew you were going to be good, but you are so much more than that...you are an artist."  (Simon Caudullo, founder of Historic Owego Artwalk) 

At the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival (2011)

At Astor's Beechwood in Newport, RI (2009)